Friday, September 17, 2010

Behind Shattered Glass.

Lighting flashes brightly across the black satin sky,
The greenish gray clouds with their Erie glow,
Race across the sky like winged giants,
Who howl their threats to drawn Her with their bucket of rain.

She is Left in the hollow vanity,
A fracture shell of life,
Breaking shadows,
Bursting through incandescent lights,
She cant fix the broken; 
She cant beat the bruised;Her Tears fall with no one to catch.

Black as night eyeliner,
Bloody red lipstick,
Dresses that seem to float as bat wings in a windy night.
Yet a kind smile.

Nail marks behind Her back,
Knife cut scars on Her wrists, 

She picks up a piece of shattered glass
And drags it across her thigh

She presses a little harder....
And on her face there's a smile with a twist.

She gets home
And keeps her mouth shut
Of course, its after midnight,
Her dad is belligerently drunk

She doesn’t have a mom
She ran out when she was twelve
She has no other family,
She has no one to tell.

Even if she did,
She probably wouldn’t
Cause facing the pain was something
She had to do, but couldn’t.

These are the rods that cripple her heart;
They Pierce every dream;

Every steamy passion loses it essence;
Until She becomes a bleeding lump;

Some terminal canary
Imprisoned in her head.

The thunder roars
The lightening flashes
The rain adores.

When dust settles but then it blows;
Suitcase in hand, hastily packed with trembling fingertips
A cut on her wrist and a smile on her face.

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