Monday, June 27, 2011

Poetry OR Music?

Hello everyone. Yes, I've been MIA for quite some time now but I've had things to attend to. Anyways, I hope everyone is safe and sound? I've been rounding off somethings and its kept be bound to chains literally. But i'm sure I am good to go now; so expect me on your dashboard. ;)

We scored 2 Nominations at this years Nigerian Blog Awards. and for the 2nd time in a role; we got the category for "Best book, Writing & Poetry" blog and the category for "Best Student Blog". As usual, visit the Nomination Page to start voting! GO! GO!  I had NO idea that there was a space for the latter but
 thank you so much to all those who considered me worthy of both. Thank you, thank you. Dalu.


I started earlier in the month to share my music taste with you all by posting a song with every blog post (I call it the "Song beneath a song)". Anyways, cutting the long story short, I came across this song and JUST the lyrics alone could or deserves someone's attention. I listen to lots of people who tend to be creative when writing their songs; to me, I think I tend to find poetry, anywhere I can.
    Her name is Katie Herzig and the song is titled Crazy. Below is the lyrics and directly after; the audio.

What have they done to the birds and the bees?
Cradle was dropped, the nest make believe
And they're selling their souls for the purpose of losing it all.

What have they done to the cracks in the walls?
The world has been painted to cover it all
And everyone's afraid to admit that they're getting old.

Oh my Lord, I'm told

What have they done to the revolution?
They call it a war and claimed it was useless
The voice of the ages will never be heard quite the same.

What have the done to the innocent mind?
They spoiled and twisted the truth into lies
And all of the peace lovers are having to draw up their swords.

Oh my Lord, I'm torn

If I'm going crazy, then crazy is just that I'm born

What have they done to Jesus' life?
They're making it cruel, say it's a lie.
They still ask for His peace cause they feel inside.

What have they done with the 2000 years?
Made history into a faithful fear
The cracks don't expire just 'cause the surface is dry.

Oh my Lord, I'm tired

If I'm going crazy, then crazy is just my desire
If I'm going crazy, then crazy is just what I've seen
If I'm going crazy, then crazy is just in between

Katie Herzig: Crazy.

I think she's talking about the crumble of society and the jadedness that comes with age and getting used to the status quo of the world "cradle was dropped, nest make believe". Throughout our childhood and education, we're pumped full of idealism and empowerment. We're a bunch of capitalists "selling their souls for the purpose of losing it all." The revolution, the actual belief and movement toward changing things, was destroyed by nay-saying powers that be. And no one will view revolution the same way. Protesters are often thought of as crazy, uninformed, or threatening somehow "voice of the ages will never be heard quite the same." And Katie's stepping back to watch it all as an observer, realizing that if sane is fitting into that; who wants to be part of it? 

Song Beneath A Song.

Between The Minds- Jack Savoretti

I have one word for this song; Its spelled L-I-S-T-E-N. It's hard to believe that Jack Savoretti is only 22 years old! His voice has a breathy, emotionally charged quality, reminiscent of Neil Diamond and his songs are finely crafted guitar or piano based numbers, full of delicate, tender lyrics and hauntingly beautiful melodies.

His songs are beautiful and I think this young man is going to be a very big name very soon!

If you like artists such as Damien Rice or Ray Lamontagne or enjoy tender, well-constructed melodic ballads, then Jack Savoretti is going to make you tingle!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Is Why I Don't Smile.

Hello Readers!!! How is it going? Have you started nominating your favourite blogs for the awards? If not; Why not?

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PLS, Nominate this blog for the 4th Category. (BEST BOOK, POETRY & WRITING BLOG). Thank you. 


In this world you have to be "Oh so smart!" or "Oh so pleasant!".

Life is a journey filled with paths not taken, dead end streets, high roads, etc. etc. etc. But the essence of life is not the actual journey, but what is built along the way.

Ever since I remember I have been asking questions. Why am I here? What happens when I die? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Well I'm all grown up and I am still asking questions, and have a feeling that I will be asking them till the day I die.

I believe in having thick skin and a soft heart, the thicker the skin, the softer the heart. I can take it from the best of them, and dish it out just as hard. But when it comes down to it, I can become a very caring and focused person under the most stressful conditions. Nothing is perfect; I understand that. I love my life; I count my blessings everyday.

"What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul." - Mark 8:36

"The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained to liberation from the self." - Albert Einstein

"In the world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, the other is getting it." - Oscar Wilde

"Men are respectable only as they respect." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry." - Author Unknown

"Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, don't put up with those who are reckless with yours." - Mary Schmich

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble." - Helen Keller

Ten personal commandments, ideas I try to live up to....

1. Every once in a while you need to isolate yourself with you and your own thoughts. Think of your feelings for and your place within your family, friends, country, earth, and universe. It might be a little overwhelming but it will give you a perspective that you will need to help you understand what true purpose in life is.

2. Never, never, never burn bridges. Always strive to keep the people you know in your life. You don't need enemies, and if someone wishes to be your enemy don't acknowledge their hatred for you. Hatred and bitterness always subsides if not fueled.

3. You will never be happy in your work unless you do something for yourself, or for the people you love. Most life experiences are things we don't want to do to survive and get by, use them to your advantage to achieve what you really want out of life.

4. Don't wish to be another person. Be happy with who you are, you are unique and can achieve anything if you really want it. It took a big bang, exploding stars, the formation of the sun and the earth, evolution, exoduses, wars, and several moments of love and passion for you to get here. So much has happened to get you to this point, don’t think the world is not on your side.

5. Release some of that built up stress. Whether it be screaming, partying, dancing, laughing, exercise, etc., etc. Don't take yourself too seriously the only things really worth worrying about are the things people call you in the middle of the night for.

6. Never be envious of another person, and always be happy for another's well being and enjoyment. Your emotions are your ultimate possessions. Jealousy will only darken your own heart, and will hinder any achievement or material things you hope to attain.

7. Smile.

8. Those that are closest to you, although they do love you, will be the ones who will hold you back. Your friends and family just don’t want to see you get hurt. The unknown is always feared, if you never take risks you will never accomplish anything significant.

9. Failure is the greatest learning tool in life. All great minds have failed multiple times before getting it right.

10. You can never truly love another unless you love yourself. Also, when looking for a life partner try to hold out for that person that you would throw it all away for. For when the love of another is greater than the love of yourself, you will know your true purpose in life

The French people will say "La vie est un oignon que vous pelez tout en pleurant"- Life is like an onion; you cry while peeling.

So why do you smile?


A Song Beneath The Song.

1, Home- Foo Fighters

I think this song is about growing up & facing the real world. Letting go of the past and venturing out on your own path. It is scary to leave the comfort that you know, but you must in order to live and become who you want to be. Home is like a security blanket, the comfort zone.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Can You Swallow The Sea?

Hello Amazing people! How are we all? Chilled, I assume? I guess by now, everyone should be settling into the summer breeze and taking advantage of being lazy. HA!

  Anyways, its THAT time of the year again. The Nigerian Blog Awards 2011 .WOHOO!!  This is what I want you ALL to do, Go to Nomination Page and NOMINATE ( In the 4th category for (BEST BOOK, POETRY & WRITING BLOG). It is NOT difficult and you wont "give birth" while doing so. Just fill in your name and a VALID email address and CLICK the SUBMIT at the bottom LEFT of the page. It takes approximately 2MINS to do so. Also endeavor to check your email address for a verification that your nomination was INDEED counted. PLS, do so and tell a friend to do so too. If you are experiencing trouble; Please let me know.

Today's post has a repetition of "THIS/THESE" and after reading it, you should KNOW that of a truth THIS blog deserves THAT award. Now who's already nominating? Thank you allllllll!!!!----EdithSmiles.

Can You Swallow The Sea?

These things, these broken things
they weave the pattern for recovery;
not puerile; sometimes cumbersome.
these broken things; Oh, these forsaken things.

These things, these subtle things,
they speak so soft yet so loud;
not always seen, always shown,
always honest, never proud.

These things, these drives

paths not taken, dead end streets, high roads,
of patience, echoes, silence and grace
these words; my fragile breath.

Chilled wind that fills the eyes
with the protestant of tears.
The chiming, amongst chatter,
of glasses and bottled beers.

The little red schoolhouse
with it’s foundation of bricks.
The everyday transactions
of cigarettes and lottery picks.

The unsteady flickering light,
down the street, on it’s pole.
The leathery coarse face
of a man who’s life is whole.

The insecure reluctance
behind unintentional smiles.
The words never uttered
through love’s never ending trials.

These things chasing; these things raging.

Where can you run? Can you swallow the sea?
the cold stare of death; the silk embrace of the July rain
these things, these things chasing the sea.

These things, these subtle things,
they speak so soft yet so loud;
not always seen, always shown,
always honest, never proud. 


Keep Breathing- Ingrid Michealson.

Very inspirational, very soothing. There is so much wrong in this world, yet it is so difficult to bring oneself to make a difference. It seems there's not a good place to start. It's easy to get caught up in the insanity of it all, and suddenly nothing is certain. The only thing to do is keep breathing....keep going, keep trying, keep loving, keep working to do good.

Keep living.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Song Beneath A Song.

1, Wish You Well- Katie Herzig. For me, this song is about being so close and connected to someone and one day it is time for one of you to move on. This song is sad, but also accepting to the fact that everyone must move on at some point. I could see how people interpret it as death or a breakup, There doesn't always have to be bitterness in a breakup, sometimes it is just the way it is. And this song describes how you want to let the person that left you know that you'll be OK, if not today then someday. I think it's entirely based on what you're going through and what helps you relate to the song."

2, Head Full Of Doubt Road Full Of Promises- The Avett Brothers

The beauty of music is that people tend to let different songs mean to them what they want it to mean to them.
To me it is about freedom of thought and living a life that you choose to live. Society has derived laws to maintain order. But as the number of laws increase the amount of freedoms a person can experience decreases. Those who don't understand that scare me as well. We all share an existence together and who is to say what is wrong and right. We consider things to be wrong when it could affect us in a negative way. I think murder is wrong because I do not want my family and I to be murdered. Compassion is also a factor because most of us do not want to see another person suffer because we can imagine ourselves in their shoes. I want to free the bird from the cage because imagining myself in a cage sounds like a horrible place to be.
In the end the only person you have to answer to is yourself. So figure out what type of life you want to live and go live it.

3, Cold Water- Damien Rice

Almost like it has been inspired by some divine power. It really shows Damien's genius, I think...
I think it's about being lost, but holding on to what you love, being afraid of losing the ones you love. And maybe even about the fear of death. Like someone knowing he/she is going to die, but still holding on to the last bit of hope that is still left. Maybe it's just about the desperation everyone of us sometimes experiences, the feeling of being lost, not knowing how to get out of a dark and difficult situation, but still knowing there are people out there who love you, and at the same time knowing that there is a risk of losing those people. Or maybe not people, but maybe some divine power (like God)
Maybe... I don't know... it's just a wonderful song.

4, Sigh No More-Mumford & Sons

I think that this song is about the inconstancy of man (in terms of both the individual and humanity), and how we all desire to be profoundly and selflessly loved despite our tendency to perpetuate the opposite. On one level, I think this is about someone who wants to break a pattern of hurt and is trying to convince the other person that he is able to love purely and unconditionally. On another level, and this is what spoke to me, is the idea that God is love, and he is the answer to our brokenness. He is able to love us in ways beyond what we cannot fathom, and through him, we can learn to love as he loves.

5, Hope For The Hopless- A Fine Frenzy
This is a really good song to get you through hard times. It's kind of a "roll down your windows and forget about everything else" song. One word; POSITIVITY.  

6, Turn To Stone- Ingrid Michelson

It's a pretty profound song with stellar instrumental and lyrics. More explicitly, the song seems to have 2 interconnected themes; 'forgiveness' and one of 'love' in order to avoid 'turning to stone'. Thus, she warns that bitterness and hate can make cold the heart. In line with this interpretation,'waiting for someone else's hand' means waiting for someone to throw an olive branch or make the first move.

The alternative interpretation is a more vague interpretation focusing on love. Here, she may be suggesting that we should not wait for someone to ignite our love and fill our hearts, because we may 'fall' and 'turn to stone'.

7, 9 Crimes- Damien Rice

The repeating of 'is that alright' I feel is a person pushing the envelope with those they are close to in their life. Very self-depreciating, but i feel it's coming from a masochist who knows fully well; the wrong in their choices, then loves to feel sorry for themselves when saying what a horrible person they are, that they should never be loved in the first place...(i.e Love me because i don't think i deserve to be loved). The gun being the mental games, how they have the potential to wound those who are too naive to recognize it's power.
I feel the very simple and slow haunting execution of the song led me to this sort of twisted conclusion. I feel this person is tortured only by the desire to be complicated and pined for. Even after cheating their own game.

I believe the reason this song touches so many people is that it rings true for our own lives -- it is difficult to strike the balance of what you need personally and what you need to do to respect your relationship/s. we should all try compassion and understanding when it comes to carnal desires and matters of the heart.
A Song Beneath A Song.

I've been listening to these songs and I thought to share it with you all. My kind of song is what some will refer to as dead or some sort of strange term. I'd leave you to be the judge and feel free to ask for recommendations. Its amazing how these songs have helped me at different stages of my life. Music is THAT beautiful. Well, most of you who know me will attest to the fact that I'd die for Grey's Anatomy (literally. Shattap, I be Jesus?) They also have an INCREDIBLE music directors. Check it out.

The best thing about any form of art is that the TRUE meaning is up to the observer.

Have a good day , Beautiful people.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Once Upon a Time I Lost Myself.

Hello? How's everyone doing? I'm good. Anyways; Knock yourself out, literally with today's post.
Stay warm & good; EDITHSMILES.

                  Once Upon a Time I Lost Myself.

Sometimes we lose it..
We fall into love like a pillowed net an lie..
For months..
I've been there,
Once upon a time i lost myself.
Her eyes drew me in from across the party,
She made me weak at the knees,
She made me feel different.
Once upon a time i lost myself.

We went on a date,

We invited friends..
Friends that didn't show up..
We sat there under the darkness..
It didn't matter that we were alone,
I didn't question the fact that my friends have fallen off the planet,
I couldn't see past my own two feet..
We were a couple,
We were in Love,
Our names sewn from the same string,
Oh! Once upon a time i lost myself.

Dreams fall apart sometimes.

We wake up and everything is different.
One day I wake up,
The fantasy that we created was torn,
Revealing the reality on the other side of the wall we formed.
It was easy to be idealistic about love,
I had never felt this way about anybody.
But things weren't right!
We had built a cocoon around each other,
Wanting nothing more but to become butterflies together,
And here we were,
Flying away!
Oh! Once upon a time i lost myself.

As I emerged from the darkness,

Of not being together,
I called her,
We met,
I sat in front of those brown eyes,
The eyes that held me in and made me forget my own,
They eyes that now looked different.
I told her it was unfair for us to deprive ourselves of our lives,
I wanted to be together,
But not all the time.
I wanted to be in love,
But not in exchange of my identity,.
I wanted to look into her eyes and see her,
not the glow of my own reflection.
I didn't want to loose myself,
And I feared I already Had!

On a cold evening,

As we walked,
The Lamppost shivered,
And tears blurred from her eyes...
The wind shifted,
And the light above us streamed down.
She kissed my eyelids,
She smiled.
She knew i was right.
This was the first night we walked,
without stepping on each others shadow.
This was was the night I was "I"
And she was "SHE";
Two names;
Two Souls;
Two selves.

Love doesn't mean losing oneself,

For One Upon a Time I Lost Myself!!

Thank you all so much for your never-ending support.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inmate One; Fifteenth Cell.

Hello Beautiful Readers.

How is everyone doing? Good. Anyways, My best heart NakedSha  is in Nigeria for the summer. YAY! So we went to the cinema to see Hangover II. It was above hilarious; I died half-way but for the countless times she hugged me. I can't believe how tiny she looked ( she kept saying it was because I'm as tall as Lamar Odom but we all know that's not possible). Half way through the movie or rather, every 5minutes this lady sitting next to me threw out a hysterical laugh; so loud, it could melt the wax in my ears. Jeezz.. Then there was this lady who walked into KFC when we were having lunch with horrible lace fronts, extremely long painted nails (substitute for craws if you deem fit) eye-lashes so tack-ly done; I'd be stuck to glue if i sit on it (YES, It was THAT long) AND her face was another shade from her body and my Nakedsha goes:

     "everyone on the inland has this ashawo look going on for them" I laughed so hard, I hard to pinch myself. 

Anyways; I had such a good time and I just wanted you all to know lol. And I give the movie an 80%. You should totally see it WITHOUT a minor.

    Today's post is about being in love. Rather its that kind of obsessive overwhelming kind of love that drills a hole into your head. The narrator is a victim of obsession; she has done everything but he wouldn't let go............... What is your take on obsession? Leave a comment below. EdithSmiles

                                   Inmate One; Fifteenth Cell.

I’m bound by your false promises
And your commitment to shield
Away from all sufferings
But your weapons you still wield.

Locked in a mental cage,
My thoughts encase me like steel
Like your arms that confine me,
I can’t tell anymore what’s real.

I flinch in terror away from your grasp
But it only makes you tighten the noose,
There’s no escape from this prison I’m in,
You’ll never, not ever, let me go, let me loose.

I’d rather die now, than let you hurt me anymore,
I’m planning my escape with every tense breath.
But if, in the ‘morrow, you find that I’ve gone,
I know you’ll come looking, your twisted love won’t rest.

You’ll see me shackled and chained to a chair
Before you let me leave, I know you too well.
So in the name of love, when you take me back to your jail,
Just know it won’t be long now, until I see you in hell.