Monday, April 11, 2011

Dew Drops.

Hello people. How are we doing? lol I'm hoping great? I'm not doing so bad myself too. Thanks to Jah!!
Here is a poem I wrote; make meaning out of it and let me know who has the best re-definition. Its quite an easy one so have fun passing with ease. Don't forget to follow me on twitter and tell a friend to tell a friend who knows another friend; about EdithSmiles.


If you close your eyes you may travel anywhere
You may be with many people who have very much to share
You may laugh and sing and be at peace you may even think you’re free
But in your mind you will find that you are but a “me”.

I am one, a darkness or a light

I am not sure yet of which and wont till I take flight
One day I was a slave, walked with flock in deathly heat
And looking not beyond, a chasm at my feet

Men they crossed it fearlessly as would a tightrope walker

Falling to their death with the slightest falter
I too was drawn to cross and to see the other side
After all had gone I felt it time to take it at a stride

Balanced ‘cross a pole seven days to fall and die

One step left to go, to fall and feel alive
Little did I know that I could fall another way
Toward the sky I set my eyes and fell for seven days

A voice it spoke and told me one man I will meet

He would be the leader of goodness or defeat
And when I see him I will be shown who it is I am
The opposite of him, I would be good or would be damned.

Seven days past, still I fell toward the sky

No angles and no devils and no one to tell me why
I looked and looked toward the sky but no one did I see
Until I closed my eyes, and I saw only me.

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