Friday, September 23, 2011


How is everyone doing today? Its the weekend and I hope everyone plans to take a rest and enjoy it.
 Have a good weekend everyone ! Do you ever feel someone is watching you? Or somewhere, somehow, you're never alone? It exceeds hallucination and fear. Sometimes its real. Sometimes you are the one, moving closer to it...embracing it..Enjoy the Poem.


She visits me at night
While no one is around
When the party is over
When alcohol ceases to be numbing...

When I feel the most fragile
She puts her arms around me
When I feel the most alone
She promises to make everything better...

Her beauty is exotic
Her voice is angelic
Her lips are intoxicating
Her legs chained to an 18inch stilettos heel

From a place far far away
I know she is not of this mortal world...

Seduced by the mystery in her eyes
She smiles at me like a flower blossoms in the spring breeze
She laces her finger on my lips and tells me to just go with her...

Whispering in my ear...
That she can take all the pain away

Tempted to take her hand
Taking a leap into her world
I stare outside the window
Where she wants me to go

There is darkness
There is her voice
Most comforting voice...

Come with me
Your soul shall burn no more
Come with me
Into a world of darkness, silence and peace

No more pain...
No more tears...
No more turmoils...

Only the perpetual darkness of the night
Only the weight of dirt
Burying the rotting corpse of my soul

She whispers in my ear
Just come with me...

How can I keep on resisting?
Why should I always be sad?
Night after night...
Day after day...
Year after year...

She comes again at night
I ask where she comes from
She smiles and says
I come from the darkest,
deepest part of your heart
I have always been here within you...

Song Beneath A Song. 

1, The Stable Song- Gregory Alan Isakov
This is the kind of song that comes up on Pandora(Or wherever you crawl to for music) and you just stop everything you're doing because you have goosebumps. And so you sit and listen, eyes closed, totally uninterrupted until the last note is finished.

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