Monday, June 21, 2010

In The Silence Of His Heart Beat, I Laugh.

In the real dark night of my soul,
Bitter tears; Parents tomb,
Pastors with Cancer; Smiling pagans
Disturbed wives; mourning men.
Abusive husbands; disturbed wives.

He's here.
With his soul of patent leather,
Hunched and nocturnal,
Where he breathes; he inhale the joy
With the fear of the sand and
The silence of the air,
My feet trembled,
My thick palms,moist,
The beast;
The monster in my sleep.
Take him away and bring me vinegar,
I'll rather my taste be sour,
Than he touch me.
His bottom pot shaped belly,
His ugly toes,
His uneven teeth,
He smells like the curtains of a pine forest,
The  beast of the night,
He dares me to be happy.
In a real dark night,
I don't see the moon,
His glance scares the sun to shine,
His breathe kills the singing bird.
Just because my eyes doesn't tear,
Doesn't mean my heart is whole.
Dying seems less sad,
I live in a dark night.

I cleaned the gun
After a few pause,
I ran my thick palms into my hair,
I let my tears come,
They water my soul,
The kill my joys.
I tasted my tears;
Something immortal,
Something Obsessing,
I put down the picture frame,
The smile I wore;
Something white,
Something pure.
I removed his wedding ring from my finger,
Something gold;


Jaycee said...


NakedSha said...

I looooove you, E-Smiles.

Meanwhile, I love this style of poetry. It's beautiful.

This is s gooooood poem, hun!

P.S: I looove you, bestheart!

Myne Whitman said...

A powerful way of passing a deep message. Well done!