Tuesday, June 1, 2010


To the lady with a child on her back;
The burning sun and the things on her mind,

To the lady that has her money in her breasts;
The guilt and the shame on her right palm.

To the woman in labor;
The hopes in the tears she cry.

To the nagging wife;
Her patient husband.

To the single mother;
The endless Joys of motherhood.

To the pastor's wife;
Her teachings she must obey.

To the teenage mother;
Her Heavy heart; Her light purse.

To the awaiting mother;
The decorated nursery.

To They that have and ever owned;
My Joys, I share with those that wait & pray

To the men who cried in farms,
The garden is green; Feed your family.

To they that  look at the moon at night:
And watch the sun dry their clothes by day.

To the blind & Faithful;
To those that doubt the lighting.

To all that push life hard;

The teenager girl with a tattoo,
Her boyfriend with a piercing,

To the love that cloths mother earth,
To the weeping nation with cheerful rulers,

To the homeless that stay under the rain;
To the mosquitoes that comes after the swamp.

To the golden sunset I witness;
And to the tears I am happy I shed.

To all that pleases God,

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NakedSha said...

Yey, named after my other bestheart!

I like this post, OMG, I would really like for pple to read this!

EdithSmiles said...

Thanks hun!
Today I just realised how much I miss him!
Nkemdi...my share is there :)
Oh me too! I hope pple do!
Being 'the new guy' isn't that easy!
Thanks nakedsha! :)

Harry-Rami Itie said...

This is nice... I like

EdithSmiles said...

Thanks! Follow my blog! :)