Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Angel!

Hello People!!
How was your day?
Mine was great! Today was my kid sister's birthday,so she had a little something in her school & we all went to see her with lots of gifts and all that! In all it was a good family day and boy! did the rain not help.Well,I don't really have much too say today because I had such a busy day.Not to bore you all with my 30hour day,I'll rather crash and get back with you all tomorrow with a little something i started working on today. Exactly 13 years ago today,I lost someone that meant heaven,earth and all-the-point-of-living-at-all to me. That? I wont go into details now,but be rest assured E-smiles has a little something for the soul.Well,also to be random,I heard Celine Dion is pregnant with twins? That's such a good news and its funny how people say she's old and all kinds of stuffs! If her Chi decided to bless her,then go find something and hit your head upon.Well, till tomorrow then! Happy Birthday Angel!

With all my heart,

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NakedSha said...

Happy Birthday to my darling!

She's resting in absolute peace and we take solace in that!