Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adrenaline. (Prom Night Poem)

Once; Twice; Three times.
Black hair; Olive skin; Lithe body.
Easy charm; Laughing eyes ; Sexual heat.
I searched for words to explain,
Why my heat raced more than my legs,
Why the sun isn't in your eyes,
And the moon hidden in your dimples.

Images appear and merge
One with another
These images are my dreams
These images were my future
These images are my nightmare,
These images are you.
My vision dims,
Shadows closing in,
As my eyes go sleepy,....

Morning sun; Eye bags
I feel a scream make its way up my throat
But all I can manage to get out is the image of you,
Not a scream,not a word,
Passion or Obsession?
Just adrenaline.
I see shadows;
Long shadows;
Small ones;Thoughts of you-
Accelerating my heart beat..

I miss my nightmare.
For that is the only place i could dance with you,
Passion or obsession.
No rythm to your waist,
Not one sight of imperfection,
The rush of blood,
The speed of my heart beat,
Must be Adrenaline.

I am without roots
Broken and incomplete
Wasting away.
Im blown away by your presence,
Physics, Chemistry. Explain Adrenaline.
Every attempt lessens me
I am less than I am
Less than I can be
Searching in vain
For someone to fill me.
Not with laughter,
Not with dreams without nightmares,
But with Adrenaline,
When your lips knocks at mine.

On prom night,
I took her away,
I didn't kill her,
I didnt know for what reason
Left her to the mercies of hunger for hours;
My starving passion,
Engraved obsession;
Then we danced with no music,
I didn't feel the passion,..
Just Adrenaline.
I loved your attention.
I craved your attention.
I fed on your attention.