Wednesday, August 18, 2010

02:20 (Elevator Love Letters)

Breathe; Let Go,
Stretch your chin;
Move ur jaws,
Give movement to your tongue but
Watch the serpent in it
Dont be a beast without a beauty,
Hate but take time to love,
The sinner is fake and proud,
The sinner who doesnt Love,
My hands are cold,
My feets are numb,
Somewhere ill need a map,
Ill follow your footprints.
Love is not a castle built in illusions and false hopes,
Safe ur strength and say nothing.
Breathe the air of Love,
Exhale all your fears and doubts,
If I die,
I'll tell saint Pete,
That I cant come in without you,
Awaken not the leaves with the sound of mourning;
Women restling;Men sobbing!;
Kids with eys widen in terror.
For I speak to the one I love at the loss of my breath;
May death be far away from  your door.

1 comment:

NakedSha said...

My baby, u know the drill now!

Love you, friend.