Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Leaving Song; The Leavers Dance; The Lonesome Road.

Black and Blue and Shades of Gray,
In dark hope and lost love
I sit cold and alone,
Against the brick wall.
The tears flow; A light Metalic Blue.
And I knew I was becoming weak.

The mystical water of the Night,
Flowing down my reddened check,
Into the depth of my skin,
Where There's a torn wall;
The Angel and A Dark River,
In my heart beat; Sounds the worries,
The angel cries goodbye;
The beast runs with the stolen heart.
This is the day of suffering
Oh! Oh! My purified soul is Free of love.

Broken souls fly on altered wings,
With riot witches over dreadful things,
Charming beasts sodomize your gash.
And you embrace denial,
Of being an accessory to murder.

You set my heart high above the clouds,
I let you reel me in,
When you got my heart as high as it would go,
You dropped me from the hands I trusted,
With the silence of the heart I adored,
My heart landed to its death.
There are too many pieces;
It looks like grains of sand.
I could never pick it up;
It slips through my hands and falls,
Into this sea of Darkness.

Tainted lives fill the fire and the lake
Death has lost its gravity;
The song has lost its rhythm;
The dancers have grown weary;
The road has been left to hate.


NakedSha said...

Soyinka should critique your poetry!

I love this, darling...

EdithSmiles said...

Aww Thank you! :)
Pleasee,I die if he did! Lol