Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unopened Letters To The World.

Cold sunday evening;
Looking at the frame...
She has tears that are scared of her face,
She grabbed a coat,
She headed south.
To the local beach..
The wind blew,
Across; the leaves fell.
The wave from the ocean is unsettle,
She moved a little closer..
Her hair was moist;
A little fertiliser.
She thought of all that has been..
She moved a little more closer..
She let the water flow;
It settled at the tip of her toe..
She moved....

When blue skies turned to gray,
She settled and lay..
She felt the chilly sand..
She ran her hands through her hair,
It was thick; Like his palms
She watched the lovers ride the horse,
Her mind was restless,
She was Hanging by a Moment.

And then the moon shone,
With the reflection of a shadow,
She saw his footprint..
She knew he has gone with the wind;
Which causes the ocean to be unsettle,
She remembered magic;
Then She imagined her,
His decision; Something she wasn't,
Maybe prettier; Maybe with a virgin hair
Maybe her waist is like a heap of wheat,
Maybe she had a Dark hair; brown eyes
Maybe he saw the world in her eyes; maybe he was blind..
But Like the wave; she was unsure
As brave as the golden sun.
She stood up;
With the tip of her finger,
Inscribed "love is a beautiful thing"
And watched the unsettled wave wipe it away.
Yes, There it was;
Her unsettled fear of loving again.;
Her unopened letters to the world.


NakedSha said...

You know what I have to say best(ie)heart!

Anonymous said...

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