Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big & Small.

Time is passing by,
In the small and in the big,
Wherever you are; From or Go.

It flows like the rivers,
Crashes down like the raging waves,
And howls like the wind.

Behind or Before,
No one can escape its grip.

In the flames;
We see the past flashing by,
On the Earth;
We thread with naked feet,
As it passes all around us.

Keep holding my hand,
The big scares me,
Even if time passes by for everything.

Even for love and sadness,
It wears down the cruelest of scars,
Until we can at last, see the whole picture.

With you by my side,
The picture is clear as ice,
Sparkling like the fireworks in the sky.

As time passes by,
Even for the big and small in everything,
I only want you to keep hanging on.

When you thread this earth,
Embrace the time and the world,
Trust me,
My words will forever be with the wind.

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