Saturday, January 1, 2011


On this big bare plain......
The wind blew my seed,
The Almighty God loved and watered me
With his loving care I grew up so high
He nurtured me into a big green tree

All alone I stood under azure skies
Painted scenes under a gold and blue hue
And shining from heavens glory above
I feel the wet moisture of morning dew
The birds sing melodies in my branches
The wind blows all of my leaves and some fall
The sun will rise........I will base in its warmth
In my branches will the Nightingale sing her call

Under me I have little seeds
And now they sprout up life all around me
Gathered seeds, birds have unknowingly lost;
Grow beautiful flowers and brings the bees.

While grasshopper's look for that perfect blade;
Rain drops fall one by one to quench our thirst
I soak them in as they tap off my leaves
And the vitamins they bring...
Adds growth to the earth

God left me here not to be all alone
but to show himself known through all that's grown
Look around at all that is made by his will
His majestic power;
Big and small......shown

On this big bare plain.....
The wind blew my seed
The Almighty God loved and watered me...

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