Thursday, January 27, 2011

Until When We Are Ghosts......

Hello my people. I've decided to be a little bit flexible here. I want to know my readers and also vice versa. So hence forth,i will be adding a little "Intro" before getting into the main post(Poems or short stories). By doing this, i hope it will create a better relationship between us,so we could share ideas. I am still Kecy. I only blog with Edith-smiles, which is a little bit of an alter ego. I believe the best way to know about a new post is on my personal account on Twitter. Follow Me On Twittter, to get spanking new post alerts.

     This is The sequel (Second Part) of the previous poem (The Master Of His Death)When the abused wife burns her lover alive,into ashes. Will his obsessive love for her be seen in the flames? Burning away all the years he spent loving her,yet in a painful way? Or will he come back ? And love her Until when they’re ghosts? To what extent is revenge served? Boiled? Fried? Or Roasted.

                               Until When We Are Ghosts......

The moon was full and bright
Filling the woods with shadows and sounds
I sat on the porch staring into the trees
Watching a shadowy figure walk;
Slowly toward me.

                               —– Story Continued—–

Slowly that dark figure moved closer
A stagnate smell slowly crept into my nasal cavities
The rotted stench of burned flesh, Overpowering the senses,
As the figure slowly unearthed;
It’s hidden Figure,
From beneath the shadow casting trees.

And into the light of the clear bright moon
Its teeth barring, shinning, almost glowing
Lips had rotted completely away through the years
Eyes completely gone
Blackened like scabs
The worms burrowing from under the flesh decaying scalp
Hair stringy and balding.

It moved closer to me,
It was soon at my lower step,
With each step I could hear the bones Crushing and grinding,
Skin blacked and charred to a crisp;
Like burnt toast.

“My Darling Wife” it uttered through baring teeth;
“My Darling Wife”
Slowly it touched me as it slowly walked past.

I could feel the bones cracking upon my  shoulder
“My Darling Wife”
Slowly it opened and stepped through my door,
Slower it crept across my living room.

Standing now in front of my chair
“My Darling Wife”
It lit a cigarette and sat down by the fire blazing in the fireplace.

With a happy sigh it looked at me and again it repeated
“My Darling Wife”
As it crawled into the fire and burned to ash it giggled wildly

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