Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello everyone. Trust we are all doing good in every aspect of life. Thank you for visiting my blog and i hope you make it a date. I'm great, currently working on another short story, which will be up, before the end of the week. Meanwhile, i hope you enjoy this poem. I wrote it while listening to the birds and watching the sun go down and give way for the bright autumn moon. Your thoughts on this post is very much welcomed. Have a blessed week. E-smiles.

Believing Promises.....

Dear Father of the glorious heaven
apologies are insufficient for what we've done;
to have taken the good in all of Your creation;
turning all those riches into rags.

For six days plus a few years more
all was good and perfect as You declared.
Then we let You down in a fit of disobedience
that has caused earth's curse to shadow the ages.

Though there are signals that beauty has not ended
there is still that shadow of darkness intruding.
We allow ourselves to be overcome in temporary joy.
We forget that all is not as it could be without sin's stain.

Yet, there are those of us Dear Father who believe You,
when You tell us that one day all will be created anew.
The beautiful things will never be stained again.
Sin will be no more. Tears will dry. Smiles will rule.

In that day only light will shine; darkness will hold no meanings.
We shall be sealed in Spirit; not fearing the lion or the bear.
Your plan will have its culmination; death will die defeated.
And those who held Your truth to heart shall be eternally comforted.


NakedSha said...

Dear Lord, please do not let my BH's pen ever run dry.


Rita said...

Really enjoyed your story, now this poem is great.

I look forward to reading more from you.

EdithSmiles said...

Thank you very much. And amen to NakedSha's prayer, My pen will never run dry, so be sure to read more. god Bless :)