Friday, February 25, 2011

Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace.

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing great? Fine.
            This poem is one I wrote when I thought about someone who was dear to me,She passed away years ago. I think everyone who has lost someone can relate to this. Not to indulge my personal life into this, I Hope everyone finds peace, after reading this. Time takes it all. Whether you want it or not. Time takes it all, Time bears it away and in the end, There's only darkness. Sometimes we find others in that darkness; And sometimes we lose them there again.Blessings from E-smiles.

                                              Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace.
From the car outside, I'm walking in---
The humidity of the spring's night air enveloping me like thick fog.
It clings to me, lightly kissing my skin with its cool sweetness.
I'm walking into your resting place---
A choice I made to fill the space that's opened up inside of me,
Tearing; clawing itself right out of me,
Finding something to fill my lungs, to cease my breathe.
But somewhere between me and you.. A secret is kept.
And somehow, someway.. I feel it's never left.

There's a place we had buried our dead.
We dug hard to cover our sins, but somehow we'd still end up at their graves,
We'd reach deep down and pull them out and keep them raised for days.
They'd dance and twirl in front of our eyes,
Pulling us closer and binding us tight.
And days we would pray feverishly to put them away,
But like sirens, they'd sing to us sweetly their song,
As sure as each day will end,
We'd fall.

I believe it all happens for a reason,
And I believe that somewhere between me and you,
A secret is kept. That's all that's left.
The morning comes and we put away our dead.
We'll say a prayer and hope to God they'll rest.
The sun will rise and paint our skin with golden grace.
Giving us warning as our starry halos slowly fade away.

I breathe a sigh to know just for now, I won.
Secret's kept to death-- As I've bled all my colors, my scars are all gone.
The night disappears and with it our souls it may take,
As Heaven sleeps; it knows not what we have done.
And the sun will rise again to fade our sins away.

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