Thursday, February 3, 2011

2,000 Ghosts.

2,000 Ghosts” is a free verse. I know some stanza’s aren’t very realistic, but isn’t it the point? A place hidden in your dreams, where no one hurts, and everyone loves without inhibition? A place where no matter who you are, you are still lovely and accepted? Enjoy! Don't forget to leave a comment and also follow on twitter. Bless, ES.

                                                   “2,000 GHOSTS”


My town is small,
Our mothers know each other’s market stalk,
We drink our fathers palm wine together.

My town is quiet.
Its a place where two thousand ghosts lay,
And yet it trembles at the wrestle of warriors.
My town has so many locks; So many keys
To unlock the doors
Filled with mysteries.

Mosaic arches paint the sky with rainbows,
The sun glittering off;
Fragmented pieces of crystal,
Embedded in the streets.

Buildings of every size and colour,
With plants growing from every nook and cranny.
Cascades of ivy,
And roses growing up doorways,
Filling our heads with thoughts,
Thoughts of beauty and peace.

No cars can drive here,
But bicycles litter the various paths,
Unlocked, for there is no crime.

Fountains and outdoor showers,
Private spaces, with cloth curtains,
Beds of pillows, and too many blankets.

People unafraid to hang their laundry,
Out their windows,
To be dried between alleys,
Colourful flags of contentment.

A library in the centre,
Sprawling, and over full.
The doors between the painted pillars
Never locked,
Because learning is always encouraged.

My Town is a place where natural beauty is embraced,
And children are always safe.
A place where even the grown-ups;
Still believe;
In magic.

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