Saturday, May 14, 2011

Come First Midnight Of June To Bury The Dead.

Hello Everyone? 

How are we doing today? I hope great. I've been off for a while literally, but i guess summer brings peace in more ways than one. I'm back 1000% to sharing poems/short stories, so don't un-bookmark me yet (lol). Today's post is a poem i wrote during my one-out-of numerous insomniac attacks. Its nothing personal as usual, 98% fiction [ ;) ]. I'd love to read your comments; trust me they do go more than a mile. Blessings; E-Smiles.

Come First Midnight Of June To Bury The Dead.

Frozen window pane
Breaking against the bitter rain
On the night of the eve of May
Blow me kisses, cold and cruel
Suck away my soul, you fool

Death will not have me, on this frost
For sleep has not taken me at my malignant cost.

Instead, I will lay on my rotting bed's sheets
Speaking to the ceiling faces of concrete;
They are broken angels, Plastered to this room
Never to know flight, but to aptly loom

Peg me not a dreamer
For mine are not so sweet
Think me not an angel
For we walk through hell's heat

Tell me not your secrets
For I am not mute
Listen with heed of caution
For my views are too astute.

Sing me a song, and I'll write you a verse
Forgotten in time, and equally cursed
Left in my palace, with no friend or foe
My cries only answered by my own echo

I'll paint you a face
Of death's last smile
It will hang in the banisters
Staring in denial.

And sometimes he hums
And the cherubs all weep
For this is what greets me
When I can not sleep.

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