Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21st.

Hello world;
     A Beautiful day to you all. Hope the Saturday is treating /treated you all well? Ever wondered if the Angels blog? (lol). Here is something for the day. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. God bless us all. E-SMILES.
                            MAY 21ST.

I wandered the world alone before you; 
I spoke with the trees and sighed with the moon,
Who hung with mystery and dreadful loom.
I climbed a ladder of branches, twigs and dew
To reach the crescent of the moon
And stay with her till the nighttime noon.
I spoke and she spoke, and the stars did too,
Till i dosed in the morose of the nighttime gloom.

I awoke on the twelfth stroke of nighttime noon,
And said my last farewell to the stars and the moon.
At the basis of my ladder of branches, twigs and dew,
I set out on a journey to discover something new.
When i walked as far as my feet would do,
I landed by a kingdom, by a sounding sea of blue.
And there, I discovered a mistress' tomb
And the body of a man, frozen to his doom.

So there I laid by the side of the tomb,
To freeze with my love in the light of the moon.