Monday, May 30, 2011

The Way To The Future.

Helloooooooooooooooooo Beautiful people!!. How are we doing today? I'm GREAT!! I hope you're doing good today? Guess why I'm over-the-moon ecstatic? Well, here it is;
With over 60posts consisting of short stories, Journal enteries and Poems, 897visits, 2 Nigerian Blog Awards nominations, 3 press publication (The Punch, The Nation) and over 120 blog comments, Today; EdithSmiles is a year old. 

I am so proud of all I have been able to achieve with your help.
As the Nigerian Blog Awards come up in less than a heart beat; I hope we get nominated and take the award home. Its high time we get that badge up there. :)
I see life as having its own emotional wheel/cycle. It normally begins with excitement and gets warmer with love. Then anger corrupts and sadness follows, but after time Happiness will surely come again and then it starts of by excitement all over! People must understand that emotion is part of life. Everyone goes through all the same emotions. Don't think your life is a horror movie. Just accept it and remember its the way to the future.

                               THE WAY TO THE FUTURE.

When blood starts bursting through your veins,
the heart races like it has its last take,
the adrenalin in your body it drains
and brings your life to a wake.


When a sudden heart beat skips
and it feels like butterflies tickle your tummy.
when your legs give in the 'dips'
and you look like a smiling dummy.

When your fists start to rage and clutch
and your blood boils till steam
that red covers your face too much,
and the voice that forms a scream.

When tears run down your face
and your body feels to brake
like your soul has no trace
of what is real and what is fake.

When discovering a joy in your soul,
fulfilled with pride and life.
Feeling like all that ruthless foul
has no more unplanned strife.

When you have finished through this cycle
it will all begin again.
Who knows how it will begin,
end or when?
But this is the cycle of emotion,
search yourself carefully of how you feel.
And within you, you will find devotion,
to understand the life's emotional wheel;

Showing you the way to the future.


Okeoghene said...

Congrats on hitting the 1st year. I enjoyed the poem. It is really a cycle and no one can say the format it will come but the certainty of the emotions is a yes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on hitting one year. Can't wait to hit one year too. Nice blog you got.

And u look nice too

Anonymous said...

Thank you;I'm rooting for your blog-versary too.

And oh, I guess I do,too. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, keep up the good work!