Friday, December 31, 2010

Holding The Ashes.

Holding the ashes in my small hands
I weep for those who feel like I do.
I cry for those working the lands
Without a penny to live like you.

Holding the ashes in my bare hands
I feel pain and sorrow of others,
As slaves are beaten with demands
And you, luxurious with lovers.

Holding the ashes below my head
I think about all those burned in the bombing like slaves.
Those who were starved until they were dead
Children & Fathers & Wife
While you never hunger to the grave.

Holding the ashes in my fingers
I let them blow away with the breeze,
Slipping away;so none lingers
Leaving you to bow down on your knees.

Last night, evil people determined to turn the joys of fellow Nigerians to ashes detonated a bomb at a barracks market in the Federal Capital City.
Basking in their nefarious success in Jos on Christmas eve, they have once again knifed at the heartstrings of a nation decked out in gaiety, celebrating new year's eve. This is extreme evil. It is wicked. It defies all that we believe in, and stand for as a nation.
R.I.P to those who lost their lives/Loved ones,in the Abuja Bomb Blast/Christmas Eve. My condolences goes out to u all. The culprits shall burn in hell & their brains shall explode and sound like fireworks from the most remote village. Edithsmiles suggest we all keep praying for our nation. We need more than toll gate or movie industries or what-have-you in this country! We need God and we need Him quick. People can't be killed just like that in a modern day country! Is either the government does something, or we do. And hell we can't wait till they get the "agbada" stuffed in their brains out,so we are gonna stay strong and keep praying ! In this year, we are gonna be a BURNING & A SHINNING Light. Edithsmiles wishes ALL her readers /follower a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Stay blessed.

Edithsmiles-1.1.11 (Make A Wish).