Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inmate One; Fifteenth Cell.

Hello Beautiful Readers.

How is everyone doing? Good. Anyways, My best heart NakedSha  is in Nigeria for the summer. YAY! So we went to the cinema to see Hangover II. It was above hilarious; I died half-way but for the countless times she hugged me. I can't believe how tiny she looked ( she kept saying it was because I'm as tall as Lamar Odom but we all know that's not possible). Half way through the movie or rather, every 5minutes this lady sitting next to me threw out a hysterical laugh; so loud, it could melt the wax in my ears. Jeezz.. Then there was this lady who walked into KFC when we were having lunch with horrible lace fronts, extremely long painted nails (substitute for craws if you deem fit) eye-lashes so tack-ly done; I'd be stuck to glue if i sit on it (YES, It was THAT long) AND her face was another shade from her body and my Nakedsha goes:

     "everyone on the inland has this ashawo look going on for them" I laughed so hard, I hard to pinch myself. 

Anyways; I had such a good time and I just wanted you all to know lol. And I give the movie an 80%. You should totally see it WITHOUT a minor.

    Today's post is about being in love. Rather its that kind of obsessive overwhelming kind of love that drills a hole into your head. The narrator is a victim of obsession; she has done everything but he wouldn't let go............... What is your take on obsession? Leave a comment below. EdithSmiles

                                   Inmate One; Fifteenth Cell.

I’m bound by your false promises
And your commitment to shield
Away from all sufferings
But your weapons you still wield.

Locked in a mental cage,
My thoughts encase me like steel
Like your arms that confine me,
I can’t tell anymore what’s real.

I flinch in terror away from your grasp
But it only makes you tighten the noose,
There’s no escape from this prison I’m in,
You’ll never, not ever, let me go, let me loose.

I’d rather die now, than let you hurt me anymore,
I’m planning my escape with every tense breath.
But if, in the ‘morrow, you find that I’ve gone,
I know you’ll come looking, your twisted love won’t rest.

You’ll see me shackled and chained to a chair
Before you let me leave, I know you too well.
So in the name of love, when you take me back to your jail,
Just know it won’t be long now, until I see you in hell.


Anonymous said...

how come all of y'all like that movie. I may have to check it out.

Good poem by the way

EdithSmiles said...

Yes, Its an amazing movie. You shouldn't see it alone. You'd need someone to tell you that you are laughing too loud in a peaceful/friendly way.

Thanks bro.

Oracle said...

The description is very strong