Saturday, May 29, 2010


In a silent storm,

We Live,
We Give,

We learn,
We grow.

We push,
We save.

In a silent storm,
What good are the wonders of nature?
-The harsh burn of the sun.
-The rage in which the ocean flows,
-The angry water of the cruel sea.
-The silver drops of rain,
-The thunder before the lighting
-The swift melody of the nightingale.

We die,
We cry.

We mourn,
We frown.

We wait,
We wonder.

In a silent storm,

-Time's chasing,
-Leg's running,
-Mind's racing,
-Heart's beating,
-Father's cursing,
-Children crying,
-Mother's mourning.

In a silent storm,
We all,
Live as aliens,
To our souls!


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NakedSha said...

I like this one...oooh, I'm so glad you're here