Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Strength In Her Weakness.

It was raining heavily, The thunder came harshly and the clouds went hiding. The trees bent and the wind kicked things around.It was dark,too dark to be a Saturday afternoon. I wasn't expecting anyone until the bell rang.

It wasn't the first day of the month,so fantasia wasn't surprised when i served her a bottle of  cheap grape wine.I earned a little over minimum wage and i stay in a flat,my boyfriend rented for me,she shouldn't expert t to see a french wine on the table.She was the mice amongst the us,someone my grandmother would refer to as akagum.She considers perfume a luxury and rather go with her 'parfumed' body lotion.I also had peanuts that i bought at the garage,on my way back from work.

I drank the last of the wine before i could finally  let in what she had just said. She was getting married to a man that she doesn't love.A man she literally met before the rain began? A man I'm just getting to know of? She wasn't ugly looking, she had a figure like that of a mermaid.She had a good bosom and her breasts were small & humble, i wondered why she had to rush,she couldn't be pregnant? She said he owns a hospital and he kept dirty nails.She said he hits the glass heavily on the table after drinking from it,she said he hardly gets a shower,and doesn't shave his public hair.She said he speaks igbo even to those that do not understand.Who does that?

She had many terrible things to say about him,his belly was as round as the bottom of her cooking pot and he insisted that she referred to him as daddy. I couldn't understand while a girl of such charisma would stoop so low with a low brained igbo trader who wore shoes that faced the clouds and wear transparent black singlets with holes  to occasions. As she said the many reasons while this is her only opportunity, and how her nne is not getting any younger and craves to hold her grand child.I couldn't help but reminisce....
My grandmother once told me about the story of  Nchekagba,the most beautiful maiden in her kindred who married the unatractive palace guard,just to get to up-front & personal with the prince.Fantasia wasn't in that position. She was just an unmarried lady at 36.

So as we choose bright colors & menus,styles for the little bride & page boys,davida or ankara,as we listed the names of guest & chairman,as i agreed to be her chief bridesmaid,i began to wonder how a marriage can work. As she wrote the list of things to buy for her house & for the wedding....I thought : Does it have to kickoff with love? Don't people who claim to have fallen insanely in love with each other get divorced? Does love kick off from learning each other?What is the foundation of a good marriage? .......I just had to remind her to get disinfectants for her bathrooms if she wanted to have me over again. Then again as she wrote their vows for the printer to print on the IV,i looked at her,i saw a vulnerable woman,i saw a vixen,i saw a stupid woman.

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Myne Whitman said...

The start of the story was strong and dragged me in. You write very well like Nakedsha said. Hope to read more, welcome to blogville.


You write well... NakedSha introduced us...
Welcome to Blogsville :)


EdithSmiles said...

Thanks Guys!
This means alot to me!
Im just starting and you guys need to pardon me about the typing errors!
Was kinda feeling sleepy but had to update Edith Smiles!
Thanks guys!

ES x

The experiences of an achiever....... said...

I liked this E-Smiles..the story was powerful, could use editing though..:D and of course, Welcome to Blogsville!!

The experiences of an achiever....... said...
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Beautiful said...

This is a beautiful story.
you write really well.