Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Walks & Short Drives.

Just like Bent rusted rods,&
Caved wooden tables,
A man who beats his wife,
A killer that doesn't want to die?
My eyes widened in fear,
My teeth clattered in anxiety,
My breathe hitched,
His footsteps drifts farther,
Good for nothing,
Where is he going?
Pass the mud,
Head to the city,
Run from guit,
Smile at homeless orphans,
Underneath that desperate smile,
It lay there;The evil that the evil hates,
My body is a fragile glass,
Cracks of your words; Your hands haven't shattered yet,
I have tears that are scared of my face,
A face you once kissed.
When they clouds are gray,
And when the leaves on the trees are still,
I pray you find your way home,
Back to the woman saying;
Another day,
Another one,
Till He dies.


NakedSha said...

Bestheart! This is such an awesome debut post!

Jaycee said...

Nice post. Came over from NakedSha's.

EdithSmiles said...

Follow me,there more on its way! :)