Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Song Beneath A Song.

1, Wish You Well- Katie Herzig. For me, this song is about being so close and connected to someone and one day it is time for one of you to move on. This song is sad, but also accepting to the fact that everyone must move on at some point. I could see how people interpret it as death or a breakup, There doesn't always have to be bitterness in a breakup, sometimes it is just the way it is. And this song describes how you want to let the person that left you know that you'll be OK, if not today then someday. I think it's entirely based on what you're going through and what helps you relate to the song."

2, Head Full Of Doubt Road Full Of Promises- The Avett Brothers

The beauty of music is that people tend to let different songs mean to them what they want it to mean to them.
To me it is about freedom of thought and living a life that you choose to live. Society has derived laws to maintain order. But as the number of laws increase the amount of freedoms a person can experience decreases. Those who don't understand that scare me as well. We all share an existence together and who is to say what is wrong and right. We consider things to be wrong when it could affect us in a negative way. I think murder is wrong because I do not want my family and I to be murdered. Compassion is also a factor because most of us do not want to see another person suffer because we can imagine ourselves in their shoes. I want to free the bird from the cage because imagining myself in a cage sounds like a horrible place to be.
In the end the only person you have to answer to is yourself. So figure out what type of life you want to live and go live it.

3, Cold Water- Damien Rice

Almost like it has been inspired by some divine power. It really shows Damien's genius, I think...
I think it's about being lost, but holding on to what you love, being afraid of losing the ones you love. And maybe even about the fear of death. Like someone knowing he/she is going to die, but still holding on to the last bit of hope that is still left. Maybe it's just about the desperation everyone of us sometimes experiences, the feeling of being lost, not knowing how to get out of a dark and difficult situation, but still knowing there are people out there who love you, and at the same time knowing that there is a risk of losing those people. Or maybe not people, but maybe some divine power (like God)
Maybe... I don't know... it's just a wonderful song.

4, Sigh No More-Mumford & Sons

I think that this song is about the inconstancy of man (in terms of both the individual and humanity), and how we all desire to be profoundly and selflessly loved despite our tendency to perpetuate the opposite. On one level, I think this is about someone who wants to break a pattern of hurt and is trying to convince the other person that he is able to love purely and unconditionally. On another level, and this is what spoke to me, is the idea that God is love, and he is the answer to our brokenness. He is able to love us in ways beyond what we cannot fathom, and through him, we can learn to love as he loves.

5, Hope For The Hopless- A Fine Frenzy
This is a really good song to get you through hard times. It's kind of a "roll down your windows and forget about everything else" song. One word; POSITIVITY.  

6, Turn To Stone- Ingrid Michelson

It's a pretty profound song with stellar instrumental and lyrics. More explicitly, the song seems to have 2 interconnected themes; 'forgiveness' and one of 'love' in order to avoid 'turning to stone'. Thus, she warns that bitterness and hate can make cold the heart. In line with this interpretation,'waiting for someone else's hand' means waiting for someone to throw an olive branch or make the first move.

The alternative interpretation is a more vague interpretation focusing on love. Here, she may be suggesting that we should not wait for someone to ignite our love and fill our hearts, because we may 'fall' and 'turn to stone'.

7, 9 Crimes- Damien Rice

The repeating of 'is that alright' I feel is a person pushing the envelope with those they are close to in their life. Very self-depreciating, but i feel it's coming from a masochist who knows fully well; the wrong in their choices, then loves to feel sorry for themselves when saying what a horrible person they are, that they should never be loved in the first place...(i.e Love me because i don't think i deserve to be loved). The gun being the mental games, how they have the potential to wound those who are too naive to recognize it's power.
I feel the very simple and slow haunting execution of the song led me to this sort of twisted conclusion. I feel this person is tortured only by the desire to be complicated and pined for. Even after cheating their own game.

I believe the reason this song touches so many people is that it rings true for our own lives -- it is difficult to strike the balance of what you need personally and what you need to do to respect your relationship/s. we should all try compassion and understanding when it comes to carnal desires and matters of the heart.
A Song Beneath A Song.

I've been listening to these songs and I thought to share it with you all. My kind of song is what some will refer to as dead or some sort of strange term. I'd leave you to be the judge and feel free to ask for recommendations. Its amazing how these songs have helped me at different stages of my life. Music is THAT beautiful. Well, most of you who know me will attest to the fact that I'd die for Grey's Anatomy (literally. Shattap, I be Jesus?) They also have an INCREDIBLE music directors. Check it out.

The best thing about any form of art is that the TRUE meaning is up to the observer.

Have a good day , Beautiful people.


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