Friday, June 3, 2011

Once Upon a Time I Lost Myself.

Hello? How's everyone doing? I'm good. Anyways; Knock yourself out, literally with today's post.
Stay warm & good; EDITHSMILES.

                  Once Upon a Time I Lost Myself.

Sometimes we lose it..
We fall into love like a pillowed net an lie..
For months..
I've been there,
Once upon a time i lost myself.
Her eyes drew me in from across the party,
She made me weak at the knees,
She made me feel different.
Once upon a time i lost myself.

We went on a date,

We invited friends..
Friends that didn't show up..
We sat there under the darkness..
It didn't matter that we were alone,
I didn't question the fact that my friends have fallen off the planet,
I couldn't see past my own two feet..
We were a couple,
We were in Love,
Our names sewn from the same string,
Oh! Once upon a time i lost myself.

Dreams fall apart sometimes.

We wake up and everything is different.
One day I wake up,
The fantasy that we created was torn,
Revealing the reality on the other side of the wall we formed.
It was easy to be idealistic about love,
I had never felt this way about anybody.
But things weren't right!
We had built a cocoon around each other,
Wanting nothing more but to become butterflies together,
And here we were,
Flying away!
Oh! Once upon a time i lost myself.

As I emerged from the darkness,

Of not being together,
I called her,
We met,
I sat in front of those brown eyes,
The eyes that held me in and made me forget my own,
They eyes that now looked different.
I told her it was unfair for us to deprive ourselves of our lives,
I wanted to be together,
But not all the time.
I wanted to be in love,
But not in exchange of my identity,.
I wanted to look into her eyes and see her,
not the glow of my own reflection.
I didn't want to loose myself,
And I feared I already Had!

On a cold evening,

As we walked,
The Lamppost shivered,
And tears blurred from her eyes...
The wind shifted,
And the light above us streamed down.
She kissed my eyelids,
She smiled.
She knew i was right.
This was the first night we walked,
without stepping on each others shadow.
This was was the night I was "I"
And she was "SHE";
Two names;
Two Souls;
Two selves.

Love doesn't mean losing oneself,

For One Upon a Time I Lost Myself!!

Thank you all so much for your never-ending support.

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Harry Itie said...

Nice one... I wanna be like u