Monday, June 6, 2011

Can You Swallow The Sea?

Hello Amazing people! How are we all? Chilled, I assume? I guess by now, everyone should be settling into the summer breeze and taking advantage of being lazy. HA!

  Anyways, its THAT time of the year again. The Nigerian Blog Awards 2011 .WOHOO!!  This is what I want you ALL to do, Go to Nomination Page and NOMINATE ( In the 4th category for (BEST BOOK, POETRY & WRITING BLOG). It is NOT difficult and you wont "give birth" while doing so. Just fill in your name and a VALID email address and CLICK the SUBMIT at the bottom LEFT of the page. It takes approximately 2MINS to do so. Also endeavor to check your email address for a verification that your nomination was INDEED counted. PLS, do so and tell a friend to do so too. If you are experiencing trouble; Please let me know.

Today's post has a repetition of "THIS/THESE" and after reading it, you should KNOW that of a truth THIS blog deserves THAT award. Now who's already nominating? Thank you allllllll!!!!----EdithSmiles.

Can You Swallow The Sea?

These things, these broken things
they weave the pattern for recovery;
not puerile; sometimes cumbersome.
these broken things; Oh, these forsaken things.

These things, these subtle things,
they speak so soft yet so loud;
not always seen, always shown,
always honest, never proud.

These things, these drives

paths not taken, dead end streets, high roads,
of patience, echoes, silence and grace
these words; my fragile breath.

Chilled wind that fills the eyes
with the protestant of tears.
The chiming, amongst chatter,
of glasses and bottled beers.

The little red schoolhouse
with it’s foundation of bricks.
The everyday transactions
of cigarettes and lottery picks.

The unsteady flickering light,
down the street, on it’s pole.
The leathery coarse face
of a man who’s life is whole.

The insecure reluctance
behind unintentional smiles.
The words never uttered
through love’s never ending trials.

These things chasing; these things raging.

Where can you run? Can you swallow the sea?
the cold stare of death; the silk embrace of the July rain
these things, these things chasing the sea.

These things, these subtle things,
they speak so soft yet so loud;
not always seen, always shown,
always honest, never proud. 


Keep Breathing- Ingrid Michealson.

Very inspirational, very soothing. There is so much wrong in this world, yet it is so difficult to bring oneself to make a difference. It seems there's not a good place to start. It's easy to get caught up in the insanity of it all, and suddenly nothing is certain. The only thing to do is keep breathing....keep going, keep trying, keep loving, keep working to do good.

Keep living.

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