Wednesday, December 22, 2010

City Greetings From Lagos.

Cloud of buildings gather
In shafts of architectural delight
As the noise grows silently,
Overtaken by thousands of
Thoughts and their shadows as
They tread over city side walks

In the olden days of photos
Where occupants swam in
Shallows of black and white
A hat was tipped to greet
The lady of a graceful wave,
And the child with a playful stare.

The city glimmered as it sat
Reading the pages of each person,
Each building, and each sound.
Faces flashing brighter than the
Lights, each one unlike the other,
But all united in the same sound

And the city's only reply was the
Wave of windows opening,
The honking from impatient drivers,
The conductors cursing passengers,
The public school students fighting at bustops,
The courtesy of trees in the center park,
The thirsty cry of new born citizens,
And the blanket of brick apartment in parkview
Over family in the night.

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