Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, Pretty Girl !

Oh pretty girl,
Why do you hide your face?
Mask it with your soft, brown locks?
Cover your lovely brown eyes?
Hiding herself from the world,
For she is scared of the unknown

Oh pretty girl,
Why do you cry alone?
Is there no one to cry with you?
No one to share your sorrows with?
Crying in solitude,
For no one understands her pain

Oh pretty girl,
Why do you sit in silence?
Avoid all conversation?
Speak in a low whisper?
No one can hear her,
For no one will listen

Oh pretty girl,
Why do you curse that person?
That person looking back at you?
Your reflection in the mirror?
She wishes she can be,
Everything she is not.

Oh pretty girl,
Fear not ever again!
For these struggles will end
And the hate will fade.
Your eyes will sparkle
And into that mirror you will see;
A pretty girl

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