Thursday, December 30, 2010

SALT (Dying To Live).

Maybe I've been more afraid of living;
Than dying-.
To die is to be free;
To live is to be strong.

After losing your breath,
Nothing else is expected.
But after taking a breath,
You have to take one more.

You do one act, and you're remembered forever.
But if you live for someone in this world
It may seem like forever before it's over
To do one may be what's expected of you.
To do the other may just be taken for granted.
But if you combine the two;
At the right time
It may come to you that you need nothing more.

Death is not the enemy, you see,
It takes the soul and sets it free.
But love is the cage which captures your heart
And grief is the thief who rips it apart.

I have held my tears as long as I could.
What good are tears? 
Will they bring anyone back from the dead?
Will they heal the hole in my heart?
Will they tell me it’s all right, because it’s not.

Tears are just salt water, like the water in our blood.
Tears are my eyes bleeding the pain that fills me till I want to scream endlessly.
Tears may help me sleep but they don’t take away the pain.
I can work around it and over it and under it, but I can’t get through it.

Salt water stings in an open cut, tears just make my pain ache even more.

In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Abba (1992-2010)---»E-smiles


Mc-carthy said...

This is sooo touching! (Y)

Daniel Abba said...

Thanks. I appreciate the concern. Really heartfelt!