Monday, December 20, 2010

We Three; My Shadow, My Echo & Me.

Three figures sit amongst a table.
Cloaked in shadow; they wait.
Their eyes are swift,
They dart and twitch at each sound,
Their breathing is heavy,
Three chests heave in and out in almost sync.

The first drums his fingers on the stained mahogany.
*Click* *Click* *Click*
The rhythm is slow and therapeutic;
As if to lull the others to sleep.

The second has become agitated,
The slight sighs and groans indicate boredom.
*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*
The rhythm quickens.

The third stares off into space, thinking, drifting between reality and dream scape
*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*

The second stands from his seat,
Cracks his neck and disappears, replaced by a feather.
*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*
The rhythm pounds into the eardrums of the two remaining figures, quickening still.
The rhythm ceases as the first figure stands and disappears as the second had done.
Leaving the third trapped in his woes and sorrows, his dreams and perversions.

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