Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Letter.....

The letter in the doorway,

The knife was thrown away.

The gun taken out of the cupboard,

She’s not going to stay another day.

Blood shower over the carpet,

It had just gotten too hard.

Red stains the bedrooms floor,

And nothing but a scream and a gunshot, could be heard.

As the mother returns from work,

Parking her car slowly, with care.

She knows inside something is wrong,

But she didn’t know her daughter wasn’t there.

Ignoring the letter in front of her,

She slowly opens the door.

Everything then went black.

She broke down at what she saw.

The lifeless body on the floor,

The shotgun on her bed,

She’s not in pain anymore.

She’s not in pain, she’s dead.

Another life wasted,

Another life gone,

Another family ruined,

Because she’s never coming home.

What was the point?

Is the reason good enough?

They didn’t listen to her words.

They didn’t know she wasn’t that tough.

Her boyfriend cried and cursed at the wind,

As her little sister sat before her,

The little girls’ fingers entwined with hers,

The little girl who adored her.

The little girl who stayed by her side,

Stayed with her ‘til the end,

The little girl whom held in her other hand,

The letter that didn’t get sent.

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